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L. Fletcher Prouty

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L. Fletcher Prouty (January 24, 1917 – June 5, 2001) was an American Air Force Colonel who had, by his account, a distinguished career, before he gave up respectability up to spill the beans on the secret shenanigans of the US military-industrial-intelligence complex. His 1973 book The Secret Team informed on the "high cabal" of plutocrats that ran that complex, before the paperback edition was "disappeared" by those shadowy powers.[1] The book is now unavailable, except all over the internet. Walter Pforzheimer wrote about the book that "Reading it is like trying to push a penny with one's nose through molten fudge," but he was a CIA agent, so you'd expect him to say that, but not to be so witty about it.[2]

Prouty's online legacy is maintained by Len Osanic, a recording engineer who uses a website ostensibly about Prouty to hawk his t-shirts and promote his conspiracy podcast, Black Op Radio. He has also created his own private wiki devoted solely to Prouty, without even the requisite hookers and blackjack. Proutypedia, which one can edit only at the behest of Osanic, has exactly two articles: an article about Prouty and a an article about Wikipedia. Their article about Wikipedia is a 20,000-word shrine to the fact that Osanic can't get a link to his Prouty fan page on Wikipedia.