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Eckel, Robert H. AIG, CMI Medicine B.S., Bacteriology, University of Cincinnati. M.D., University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Colorado (Denver). Member of the Technical Advisory Board of the Institute for Creation Research.[1][2] A doctor of medicine, not related to evolution or a young earth. Specifically works in nutrition, diabetes, and obesity, not evolution. "Creation in six days is not an intellectual argument to be won by in-depth and repetitive examinations of the scientific evidence available. The same data are available to both evolutionists and creationists. The issue scientifically is a single experiment, never to be repeated, with two basic theories to be considered."[3] No (Field)
Eggen, Andre AIG, CMI, ICR Biology B.Sc., Agronomy and Animal Production, Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. Ph.D., Animal and Molecular Genetics, Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich.[4] "I could easily take away the evolution part of my study without losing any really important stuff from the scientific point of view. I would lose nothing, and would be left with real, observable facts, real science."[5] Yes
Eimers, Leroy CMI Mathematics Ph.D., Physics, Syracuse University. M.S., Physics, Syracuse University. B.S., Physics and Mathematics, Hobart College. Professor of Physics and Mathematics, Cedarville University.[6][7] A doctor of mathematics, not related to evolution or a young earth. No (Field)
Eirich, Dudley AIG, Ex-CMI Biology Molecular biologist, industrial genetic research.[citation needed] Removed from the CMI list as of the 2010-06-08 version. Yes
Englin, Dennis CMI Biology EdD, University of Southern California. MSc, California State University, Northridge. BA, Westmont College.[8] Professor of biological sciences, The Master's College.[9] CMI elsewhere claims he is a professor of geophysics.[10] Yes