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Marmite, believe it or not, is shipped around in bulk liquid delivery lorries. So this lorry contains perhaps nine thousand gallons of the delicious black salty goo, which may or may not be corroding its way through the thick steel of the tanker in this photograph.

Marmite is the most appalling foodstuff in the world.[Note 1] Despite looking like a fairly tasty chocolate spread, it's actually some vegetable extract that is processed to hell, removing any decent flavour from it. It tastes like crap, and is known to induce vomiting on sight. Marmite was used as a punishment for naughty school children but it was considered too cruel and unusual so was replaced by the cane.

Only in the UK can you get away with advertising something based on how bad something is.[Note 2]

Marmite is actually a 100% vegan-approved product, and is made entirely from yeast by-products. Its origins were the brewing industry, as it was made from the leftover yeast scraped from the insides of the brewing vessels. Yum!

Holy wars[edit]

Marmite is delicious. Marmite in New Zealand is different to Marmite in the UK. What the British call Marmite is what New Zealanders call Vegemite and it is truly revolting stuff. New Zealand Marmite is best enjoyed on toast with a heck of a lot of butter.

The Marmite vs. Vegemite debate is almost like the PC vs Mac vs Linux debate. Which one corresponds to which, no one knows...

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  1. Except maybe for lutefisk. Maybe.
  2. Well, not exactly if you count tobacco, but the advertiser don't work for the manufacturers however...