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It’s very strange. And a bit North Korean.
—John Davenport, "Stumbling upon Orania in the pandemic"[1]

Orania is a small town in South Africa's Northern Cape Province. This town is either a white supremacist wet dream or a place to preserve Afrikaner culture. By design it is populated with White Afrikaners.[2] Communities with almost all white people exist are very common and not inherently evil; however most of these communities were not intentionally designed like that. The currency is called the Ora.[1]. There is zero financial backing outside the community.

Orania was founded in 1991 when Apartheid ended. The publicly stated goal was to provide "a safe haven for Afrikaners" and "a crime free community". Here is how Orania really works: there are almost no non-white people that live in Orania.[3]


Orania is run by Transitional Representative Council; though technically it is in the Thembelihle Municipality. It is not subjected to the laws of the Thembelihle Municipality due to it being privately owned land. However it is not immune to all laws as they are not recognized as a sovereign nation by anybody. The main political and financial influence comes the Vluytjeskraal Share Block Company which owns the land (Corpocracy i.e government ran by a business).[4]

Orania is modeled after socially conservative viewpoints. Some of the community's attitudes include unmarried couples not being able to live with each other, same-sex relationships being frowned upon, and one has to get permission from the town council to bring visitors to their home.[5][6]:85[7]

In 2020, the town of Orania fell on hard times. The townspeople were not allowed to participate in national polls on whether or not Orania would be allowed to exist as it is, because many residents would agree to changing the town from whites only to integration. African National Congress member Deshi Ngxanga recently filed a long shot application to join Orania in an effort to bring integration to the area. The status of the application is currently unknown.[8]. It remains to be seen if Orania will survive.

With the disease COVID-19 affecting nearly every nation on Earth, Orania has managed to remain free of viral outbreaks. It is not expected that Orania will be completely free from COVID. They have set up their own hygiene guidelines which have been an effective tool at keeping the virus out [9]. Keep in mind that viruses don't care about human drawn borders and always find a way to cause infections.


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