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Robert Williams (February 20, 1930–) is an esteemed African-American psychologist and Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the Washington University at St. Louis.[1] He is known for his diametric opposition to racialism and supposed racial discrepancies between the IQs of white people and black people. He is also known for coining the term "ebonicsWikipedia," which is another word for African American Vernacular English (or "AAVE" for short).


Williams created the Black Intelligence Test of Cultural Homogeneity by drawing from a glossary of African-American speech and personal experience “Danger: Testing and De-humanizing Black Children” Though structured similarly to traditional IQ testing, European Americans scored consistently lower on the BITCH than African Americans. Williams did not conclude this proved the intellectual inferiority of White Americans, which is something working in favor of Williams against white psychologists, whom when conducting "studies" on the supposed differences in cognition between races tended to believe that this proved the intellectual inferiority of Black Americans.[2]


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