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From time to time, there have been various other submissions to use as the RationalWiki logo. Some are funny, some mocking, some uncategorizable. Here be a compendium of these artisitic delights!

Others mocking us[edit]

Liberapedia created this one to illustrate their article on us:

LP Rational.png

In-house creations[edit]

These come from the fertile imagination of Human, cross-pollinated by other RWians and Andrew Schlafly:

RW Logo 1 OptimizedA.gif RW Logo 1 OptimizedB.gif RW Logo 1 OptimizedC.gif RW Logo 1 OptimizedD.gif
And, thanks to Andrew Schlafly's fevered fantasies here:
RW Logo 1 OptimizedHSR.gif RW Logo 1 OptimizedHS.gif RW Logo 1 OptimizedLPTG.gif

Radioactive afikomen came up with these, bringing the second one to the party on Hoji's talk page:

RW logo parody1.gif RW logo parody2.gif