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Annotated Qur'an
Sura 80: He Frowned
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Qur'an 80:1[edit]

He frowned and turned away.

Qur'an 80:1 Notes[edit]

A little bit of background here. According to no verifiable evidence, Mo was with a group of people trying to persuade them to join a religion that he invented out of previous religions and his own imagination...

Qur'an 80:2[edit]

When the blind man approached him.

Qur'an 80:2 Notes[edit]

...and then (again...there is no evidence to back any of this up) a blind man came up to Mo and asked him about something (perhaps challenged him on the ridiculousness of his ideas and patchwork of other religious traditions...who knows...there is no evidence).

Qur'an 80:3[edit]

But how do you know? Perhaps he was seeking to purify himself.

Qur'an 80:3 Notes[edit]

And the great invisible being in the sky was disappointed with Mo and chastised him

Qur'an 80:4[edit]

Or be reminded, and the message would benefit him.

Qur'an 80:4 Notes[edit]

Because you see...the religion that Mo invented in his own head...is beneficial for all even the blind (and even the women who are subjugated by it).

Qur'an 80:5[edit]

But as for him who was indifferent.

Qur'an 80:5 Notes[edit]

But the great sky God (who also existed entirely in Mo's head and other believers) apparently thought that Mo paid more attention to those who already believed or didn't ask questions.

Qur'an 80:6[edit]

You gave him your attention.

Qur'an 80:6 Notes[edit]

So far it's been quite a little imaginary ballet all inside Mo's imagination.

Qur'an 80:7[edit]

Though you are not liable if he does not purify himself.

Qur'an 80:7 Notes[edit]

A little technical side note about the mundane rituals the sky God seems to care about for some reason

Qur'an 80:8[edit]

But as for him who came to you seeking.

Qur'an 80:8 Notes[edit]

As for this blind guy (who again we cannot confirm or deny even existed)

Qur'an 80:9[edit]

In awe.

Qur'an 80:9 Notes[edit]

Who for some crazy reason was buying this whole nonsense religion Mo made up

Qur'an 80:10[edit]

To him you were inattentive.

Qur'an 80:10 Notes[edit]

Mo snubbed the guy

Qur'an 80:11[edit]

Do not. This is a Lesson.

Qur'an 80:11 Notes[edit]

This is one of the few morsels of actually positive lessons you can gain from the Quran. Don't dismiss marginalised people. That is great. It happens to be a wisdom in most other religions but that doesn't stop Muslims from pointing to this and going (look: see how progressive our religion was at the time) even though it was nothing new.

Qur'an 80:12[edit]

Whoever wills, shall remember it.

Qur'an 80:12 Notes[edit]

Yeah of course because you see...

Qur'an 80:13[edit]

On honorable pages.

Qur'an 80:13 Notes[edit]

...all the stuff Mo claimed came from God but was actually just invented in his head...

Qur'an 80:14[edit]

Exalted and purified.

Qur'an 80:14 Notes[edit]

...and apparently recited to people...

Qur'an 80:15[edit]

By the hands of scribes.

Qur'an 80:15 Notes[edit]

...who all memorised it and then faithfully transmitted it without making errors and then writing it all down later...

Qur'an 80:16[edit]

Noble and devoted.

Qur'an 80:16 Notes[edit]

...can be trusted. Because Holy books just work that way.

Qur'an 80:17[edit]

Perish man! How thankless he is!

Qur'an 80:17 Notes[edit]

So now the sura totally changes track and talks about how newly converted Muslims seemed to have less zeal than before.

Qur'an 80:18[edit]

From what did He create him?

Qur'an 80:18 Notes[edit]

And weren't quite the devoted followers they started out to be.

Qur'an 80:19[edit]

From a sperm drop He created him, and enabled him.

Qur'an 80:19 Notes[edit]

Of course modern science tells us that we evolved from primates along with other relatives the Quran never mentioned because they were unknown at the time Mo made up this religion.

Qur'an 80:20[edit]

Then He eased the way for him.

Qur'an 80:20 Notes[edit]

Does he really do that?

Qur'an 80:21[edit]

Then He puts him to death, and buries him.

Qur'an 80:21 Notes[edit]

I thought death was a natural process.

Qur'an 80:22[edit]

Then, when He wills, He will resurrect him.

Qur'an 80:22 Notes[edit]

Ahhh...the resurrection stuff that Mo stole from Judaism and Christianity.

Qur'an 80:23[edit]

But no, he did not fulfill what He has commanded him.

Qur'an 80:23 Notes[edit]

A bunch of humans didn't follow to the letter a set of guidelines a human made up pretending a God in the sky commanded him.

Qur'an 80:24[edit]

Let man consider his food.

Qur'an 80:24 Notes[edit]

God provides food (not say the endless labour that comes from humans or even slaves that figured out how to grow the food, passed that knowledge down through the generations and then farmed it all).

Qur'an 80:25[edit]

We pour down water in abundance.

Qur'an 80:25 Notes[edit]

No...God doesn't provide water, it's part of a complex H20 cycle on our planet (something unknown at the time Mo made this religion up and obviously a reason why he got it wrong and attributed it to a sky God).

Qur'an 80:26[edit]

Then crack the soil open.

Qur'an 80:26 Notes[edit]

No...humans did that backbreaking work themselves with plows and by enslaving animals (or humans).

Qur'an 80:27[edit]

And grow in it grains.

Qur'an 80:27 Notes[edit]

No...humans figured out systematic farming on their own.

Qur'an 80:28[edit]

And grapes and herbs.

Qur'an 80:28 Notes[edit]

No...humans also figured out how to cultivate these wild plants, and selectively bred them to make them work better for them (a semi-example of evolution in work which is another thing Mo didn't know about and obviously never recorded in his Holy rant when he invented this religion).

Qur'an 80:29[edit]

And olives and dates.

Qur'an 80:29 Notes[edit]

Nope...nature and human run cultivation did this...no sky God required.

Qur'an 80:30[edit]

And luscious gardens.

Qur'an 80:30 Notes[edit]

All the hard work of humans.

Qur'an 80:31[edit]

And fruits and vegetables.

Qur'an 80:31 Notes[edit]

Again, thousands of years of human ingenuity, test and trial, hard work and luck.

Qur'an 80:32[edit]

Enjoyment for you, and for your livestock.

Qur'an 80:32 Notes[edit]

All done by humans.

Qur'an 80:33[edit]

But when the Deafening Noise comes to pass.

Qur'an 80:33 Notes[edit]

Oh so this is the part of the Sura where the rapture comes. It's included in many sura's to frighten people into believing in this nonsense.

Qur'an 80:34[edit]

The Day when a person will flee from his brother.

Qur'an 80:34 Notes[edit]

Mo stole the rapture from Christianity and incorporated it into the religion he made up.

Qur'an 80:35[edit]

And his mother and his father.

Qur'an 80:35 Notes[edit]

So apparently when God decides to end things he will do so with a sequence of events that will cruelly horrify people

Qur'an 80:36[edit]

And his consort and his children.

Qur'an 80:36 Notes[edit]

And all the bad people who didn't believe in the nonsense Mo made up (his invented religion)

Qur'an 80:37[edit]

Every one of them, on that Day, will have enough to preoccupy him.

Qur'an 80:37 Notes[edit]

Will turn against their own people (because anyone who doesn't believe in this ridiculous ideology or God will be terrible humans)

Qur'an 80:38[edit]

Faces on that Day will be radiant.

Qur'an 80:38 Notes[edit]

And all the horrible stuff will happen to the evil but the believers...

Qur'an 80:39[edit]

Laughing and rejoicing.

Qur'an 80:39 Notes[edit]

...those who bought all this nonsense Mo invented will be happy.

Qur'an 80:40[edit]

And Faces on that Day will be covered with misery.

Qur'an 80:40 Notes[edit]

But the non-believers will be less happy.

Qur'an 80:41[edit]

Overwhelmed by remorse.

Qur'an 80:41 Notes[edit]

Saddened that the forgiving merciful God actually won't forgive them nor be merciful...

Qur'an 80:42[edit]

These are the faithless, the vicious.

Qur'an 80:42 Notes[edit]

...and will plunge them into an eternity of torture. Because this sky God seems to feed off of the suffering of his creation. Also...a beautiful way to blackmail people into believing all this stupid junk. Believe and you will be rewarded in an afterlife we cannot possibly know exists...don't believe and horrible things will happen to you. A genius use by Mo of a tactic that was quite successful by Christians some centuries earlier: false threats and rewards to believe stupid nonsense.