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RationalWiki:Annotated Qur'an/The Men

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RationalWiki Annotated Qur'an
Sura 114: The Men
Word-by-word translation
Alternate translations and related tafsirs
Alternate translations
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Qur'an 114:1[edit]

Say, “I seek refuge in the Lord of mankind.

Qur'an 114:1 Notes[edit]

Say: Only 5 more verses!

Qur'an 114:2[edit]

The King of mankind.

Qur'an 114:2 Notes[edit]

Once the Lord, now the King. A promotion!

Qur'an 114:3[edit]

The God of mankind.

Qur'an 114:3 Notes[edit]

Either this translation is very bad, or this is a repetition of verse 1.

Qur'an 114:[edit]

From the evil of the sneaky whisperer.

Qur'an 114: Notes[edit]

This probably refers to Shaytan's lies. Muslims are, of course, equipped with Shaytan-Proof Deflector Shields™, and are impervious to his lies.

Qur'an 114:5[edit]

Who whispers into the hearts of people.

Qur'an 114:5 Notes[edit]

See Qur'an 114:4.

Qur'an 114:6[edit]

From among jinn and among people.”

Qur'an 114:6 Notes[edit]

And so ends this mighty tome, written by Allah himself and far better than anything you puny humans could write. Next up, the Hadiths.