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This page was held on Teflpedia and tried to be a comprehensive list of the various wikis, blogs and social networking sites where RW members spent their time during the long, hot, RationalWiki summer holiday of 2009.

  • Rationalwiki blog Status of problem and updates.
  • Wikisynergy where human hangs out chatting about science and EVP among other things. A site that aims to play host to both skeptics and proponents of "frontier" topics. They have a banner with "A big welcome to refugees from the Rationalwiki server meltdown!" - which is very nice of them. (Or it was, until it fell fowl of "RW broken wiki syndrome".)
  • Astorehouseofknowledge A site that needs no introduction and seems to be "benefiting" from RW's temporary closure.
  • Psygremiln's CP blog Continuing the good work of pointing out the insanity at CP. (Now with 100% less moderation and 14% of your RDA of bad spellign)
  • Rationalwiki IRC IRC channel - not very active.
  • RW on twitter Seems to be inactive.
  • RationalWikiWikiWikisWiki, a joke wiki, which we might as well use.
  • My Hovercraft is Full of Eels - Kels' art blog, but non-art discussion welcome (warning, drawn nudity - some people are weird about stuff like that).
  • Liberapedia RationalWikians needing a place to crash after the server meltdown are welcome here.
  • virtually no one found the way to this blog - though it had pics in it...