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In the beginning was the Word. The Word consisted of two Bytes with eight Bits each. And many Words were as one Word. Then the Input was separated from the Output by the Processing, such that this Law of Three came to govern all which had been and would yet be. Accordingly, as instant followed instant throughout time, that theretofore Output forthwith became Input joined to Processing or Processing joined to Input. Words begot Words, and one Word became as many Words.
—Book of Sega Genesis

I'm on Discord as ".fluffalizer". See also User:Fluffalizer.

Explanation of name

I first came here on a perfectly ordinary day. I stayed around, and saw that splork says the fork, shockingly enough. I recovered as I whirled, vaguely, and went poof. Well, I was still there, but something else wasn't, or in some other sense I guess I went poof. Maybe, otherwise I guess the answer may be that I actually went the opposite, apoof. But where's the evidence? Perhaps it was swallowed by my nose as I was sleeping. If so, sad to say, it may be difficult to present. But whether poofed or apoofed, the space-time coordinates of the event are rather vague, and are mapped out in additional dimensions thus far left woefully ill-defined. Sorry, but you are however free to set out in search for them, however you define "them".