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Election of December 2016: Election booth

Voting system[edit]

RationalWiki uses the Single Transferable Vote. For a primer on how to use STV, see here or here.

We're electing 6 moderators (current mods list) & 2 alternatives (top 2 runners-up, for use if a mod leaves).

In short: the top 8 STV candidates will get mod or a shot at mod.

Voting eligibility[edit]

By the date of the vote, eligible voters must:

  • Have been registered for 90 or more days
  • Have 75 or more edits


  1. Applesauce
  2. Avengerofthe BoN
  3. Bongolian
  4. CheeseburgerFace
  5. CorruptUser
  6. David Gerard
  7. DiamondDisc1
  8. FuzzyCatPotato
  9. Hipocrite
  10. N7.Geth
  11. Pbfreespace3
  12. Rational1
  13. Reverend Black Percy
  14. Weaseloid
  15. Zero

Voting booth[edit]

Polls are closed.