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Administrative Report  (more)
  • Stuff happened, but nobody can be bothered to write about it.
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  • Some stuff was written, but nobody bothered to add it here. :(
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There are, however, those who oppose the idea of immunization, arguing that a person’s own immune system can deal with most infections naturally and that ingredients in vaccines may cause seizures, paralysis or even death in some individuals. Some claim that vaccinations have been responsible for triggering autism, ADHD and diabetes.

In fact, members of the anti-vaccination movement, defined by RationalWiki as a "loosely organized conspiracy theorist subculture," blame the medical practice of immunization for a wide range of health problems. Most scientists who have researched the issue debunk their claims.


RationalWiki has an expanded front-page feature on Kent Hovind, and it’s pretty thorough — I learned a few new things. I hadn’t known that he claims to have four doctorates, and it has a good breakdown of several examples of his bad math. However…

Does it feature any apocalyptic imagery? No.

How many times does it mention Hitler? Only once.

Does it have a doom-laden industrial soundtrack? Nope.

Sorry, RationalWiki, but you are hampered by that “rational” thing. When you’re talking about Kent Hovind, you need to bring the gold-plated stupid to the fore.


I do feel a lot of sympathy for the RationalWiki crew, though. Imagine if this Hovind “documentary” ever actually happens — the fact-checking will be exhausting. It’s going to be measured in errors/second, or lies/second.