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Ninjas can make themselves bots, and thus cloak themselves from recent changes. As WaitingForGodot eloquently explains:

Ninja mode is supposed to be used when you are doing repetitive, remedial work like changing categories on 200 pages, [be]cause you think "author" is better than "authors", or when you've created a new page that has 100 potential pages linking to it, adn [sic] all you will be doing is adding brackets to the word "the" 300 times. There really is no reason for it for any day to day editing.

Current ninjas[edit]

A list of ninjas for hire can be found here.

Request rights[edit]

Techs/mods can make people ninjas, usually after you annoy them by filling up their "precious" recent changes.

To request ninja, please add a request to here.


This user is a Ninja.

The userbox at right does not appear to actually have anything to do with this group. But if ninja-powered users wanna add it, that's cool.

Dispelling unfounded rumors[edit]

There is no such thing as a "pirate" user group.

We swear.