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This is a list of shortcuts to useful internal links

Project pages[edit]

  • RW links to the article about RationalWiki.
  • RW:ABOUT links to RationalWiki's mission.
  • RW:AR links to RationalWiki's article rating project.
  • RW:ATIM links to the moderators' page.
  • RW:AU links to RationalWiki's list of active users.
  • RW:BLOCK links to RationalWiki's blocking policies.
  • RW:CC links to the chicken coop.
  • RW:CD links to RationalWiki's Constructive dialogue guide.
  • RW:CP links to a section in RationalWiki:Newcomers which emphasizes that we do not condone vandalism of Conservapedia, contrary to what some might believe.
  • RW:COOP also links to the chicken coop.
  • RW:CS links to RationalWiki's community standards.
  • RW:DEWD link's to RationalWiki's Don't Edit When Drunk guidelines.
  • RW:FEEDBACK links to a fun page describing how to give feedback to fellow editors.
  • RW:GOAT links to RationalWiki's explanation of goats.
  • RW:HCM links to the DysLexicon definition of Headless Chicken Mode.
  • RW:HELP links to RationalWiki's help desk.
  • RW:LANCB links to RationalWiki's Leaving And Never Coming Back guidlines.
  • RW:MISSION links to RationalWiki's mission.
  • RW:MOS links to RationalWiki's manual of style.
  • RW:NEW links to RationalWiki's newcomers' guide.
  • RW:PISSED links to a list of organizations and people who are pissed at RationalWiki.
  • RW:RATE also links to RationalWiki's article rating project.
  • RW:SB links to the saloon bar.
  • RW:SHORT links to RationalWiki's shortcut list (this page).
  • RW:SPOV links to RationalWiki's snarky point of view guideline.
  • RW:STANDARD also links to the community standards.
  • RW:STANDARDS also links to the community standards.
  • RW:SYSOP links to the sysop guide.
  • RW:TODO links to our "to do" list.


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