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All of these are important steps when cleaning up the namespace try and do each step for each article:

1)Identify an article in the main namespace that doesn't appear to be best suited for that namespace.

2)Decide which namespace it best belongs in:

  • Conservapedia - articles predominantly about CP, anything but the most basic articles that deal with CP should go here.
  • Fun - These are for humorous, silly, or random articles
  • Essay - Works that are done by a single author from their perspective go here
  • Recipe - If you don't know I am not telling

3)Before moving the article check the "what links here" option under toolbox on the left hand side, under the search box.

4)If pages are linking here go and edit those pages to reflect where you will be moving the page to.

5)Move the page using the move option to the right namespace.

6)Go back and delete the redirects, or if you are not a sysop create a list of redirects that need deleting and alert any sysop who can help you.