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The RationalWiki Progressive Party (RPP) is an organization of RationalWiki members dedicated to working towards making this the leading skeptical site on the internet while maintaining a fun and snarky social environment. We believe that modest organizational reforms are necessary so that RW may continue to expand sustainably while upholding these ideals. The RPP stands in opposition to reactionary factions including the so-called Reform Constitutional Convention, the RationalWiki People's Front, the RationalWiki Reform Society, and the remaining doctrinaire cabalists.


  • Pro-fun: The first priority is to ensure that RW remains fun and snarky. We believe that our other policies are the surest way to do this.
  • Pro-mission: The RPP supports enforcement of missionality requirements for mainspace articles. This would be accompanied by an expansion and clean-up of funspace to accommodate some high-humor but off-mission articles.
  • Pro-user rights reform: Support for restructuring of user rights in line with setups that have been successful at other Wikis.
  • Anti-troll: Call for decisive action against persistent trolls, including MarcusCicero.
  • Post-CP: The RPP endorses the merger of WIGO:CP with WIGO:ASK and WIGO:Clogs and the continued de-CPification of mainspace.

Bureaucrat elections[edit]

The RPP will endorse a slate of candidates in the upcoming elections in order to ensure than the progressive vote is not split among various competitors. We believe that the election should be decided on policy grounds rather than as a popularity contest and support proportional voting systems in order to ensure minority representation.

All candidates will be asked to fill out a questionnaire related to party stances. Candidates seeking to run on the RPP ticket need not adhere to every point of the platform, but should oppose large-scale recratting beyond the number of bureaucrats up for election.


All RationalWiki members who share the values of the RPP are invited to enroll below. The RPP does not discriminate on the basis of account age, frequency of activity, value of contributions, or user rights under the ancien régime.

  • Some lurker on HideMyAss (party founder)