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Work in progress...

While a strict mobocracy functioned well while RW was smaller, the increased size of the Most Rational of Wikis means that any disagreement tends to dissolve into a big squabble. While this has still led to some decisions, it's become clear that everyone having unilateral authority to overrule everyone else is far too inefficient to work well. Thus, the creation of the Loya Jirga. Their central role is to resolve those incidents that have above all led to the squabbling: the actions of trolls. In order to preserve as much of the egalitarian atmosphere as has existed before, the Loya Jirga's role is strictly prescribed.

The Role of the LJ[edit]

The Loya Jirga shall do the following, as they see appropriate. They should be careful about getting involved in every squabble, but not hesitate when their real intervention is necessary:

  • Take appropriate action against trolls. This includes binning, unbinning, and (if necessary) blocking.
  • Assist in editor disputes. Their involvement should be a last resort, resorted to after attempts at discussion.
  • Assess hidden edits. Hiding edits can still be done in a hurry (sometimes it has to be) but should be reviewed, and possibly undone, afterwards by members of the LJ.

This is all they will do. They do not have any authority to unilaterally overturn consensus on issues. They are not intended to be super-editors. They simply resolve serious disputes and deal with serious trolls.

When the Loya Jirga participate in anything in any non-LJ capacity - for example, when discussing an edit war on an article talk page, prior to LJ intervention - then they are regular editors. Their voices are no more weighty than anyone else's. The role of the Loya Jirga is that of effective people with good judgment and people skills, not that of "the guys in charge" or "the smartest people."

The Numbers[edit]

There will be seven Loya Jirga, who serve for 3 months. Any of the LJ can be elected consecutively, if they prove to be quiet and reasonable about their job.

They can stop being a Loya Jirga if they want. If any four of the seven decide they're doing a terrible job, then the whole lot is booted and we hold new elections. The mob still has final say, and may decide they're doing fine and return them back to the LJ.


If the LJ start abusing their power a great and terrible vengeance shall fall upon them, but until then they will have the final say. There is no appeal beyond the Loya Jirga, except the sweet release of death.