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Teflpedia is "a wiki dedicated to everything associated with teaching English as a foreign language or second language."[note 1]

Articles that may be of interest to RationalWikians[edit]

  • Conversation questions on various topics, especially controversial ones. Try to grade language, and keep the questions reasonable, not too leading.
  • Anything to do with English grammar, discourse, etc.
  • There are articles on things like science[1], pseudoscience[2], falsifiability[3], hypothesis [4], etc. Note that these should have an ESL-focus, rather than a general focus.
  • There are wacky "methods for language learning" that are out there.

Host to RationalWiki[edit]

It was owned at the time by RationalWikian Bob M. Being a veteran member of RationalWiki, Bob turned over the English-teaching encyclopædia to the mob for use during the 2009 August-September server crash. It subsequently became the most popular destination for RationalWikians during the crash, for which several reasons have been speculated:

  • It was fully owned by "one of the gang" who would not object.
  • It had no pre-conceived stance in respect of the issues in which RW is interested.
  • It was simply the first place people went when they had an offer.
  • The wiki is not highly active anyway, and in the summer it was even more quiet.
  • The website is wiki-based, and attracted the wiki-comfy users.
  • Everyone loves Bob.


The current logo - a mortarboard with "teflpedia" spelled out in phonetic symbols underneath - was created during the RationalWikians stay at Teflpedia with the help of some of the more technology-savvy RationalWikians. This and the associated favicon are now almost all that remains of the visit - the rest having being cleaned out over subsequent weeks.

Anything else?[edit]

It has nothing to do with frying pans.

See Also[edit]


  1. As it says on the wiki itself.