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The Ten Thousand Butts Party is a Rationalwiki political party that seeks to abstain from boring discussions over user rights, because members of this party believe:

  • That the guiding factors of Rationalwiki are exclusively the province of the user community and mob mentality. That culture reigns paramount, regardless of whether the Loya Jirga solve disputes or seven crates[1] solve disputes or disputes go unsolved and continually rear their ugly heads.
  • That discussions about all this nonsense tend to be dominated by a few strong-willed people, whereas most members of Rationalwiki have their own ideas about how things should be run and so no regime is really going to be backed by anything like a majority.
  • That these controversies are more boring than ten thousand repetitions of the word "butt."

The TTB does not keep member lists. It does not care. It is busy helping someone with a problem in the Saloon Bar or making mainspace snark or laughing at Andy Schlafly. It is so busy that it named itself after the first ridiculous idea that came to it. Now go do something interesting.[2]


  1. "Crates" is better than "crats."
  2. If you think this is a very smug and holier-than-thou sentiment, you are correct.