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Archived polls

Which gender is better at comedy?

Women are funnier0Vote
Men are funnier0Vote
Intersex/Nonbinary are funnier1Vote
Trans of either gender are funnier0Vote
All genders are equally funny1Vote
Don't know, but all of them are funnier than this poll1Vote
Goats are far funnier than boorish humans4Vote

Should Roland Emmerich go to jail for murdering the Laws of Physics in the movie Day After Tomorrow?"?

Yes, the Laws of Physics did nothing wrong2Vote
No, the Laws of Physics deserved it9Vote
RZ94, please stop smoking crack1Vote
Goats murdered the Laws of Physics0Vote
It was some farmer in Mexico0Vote
A Canadian gas station worker did it1Vote
Fake News1Vote
The Day After Tomorrow never existed! WAKE UP SHEEPLE!!!!!!2Vote

Who is the least funny conservative "comedian"?

Steven Crowder2Vote
Dave Rubin2Vote
The Babylon Bee2Vote
Ben Garrison5Vote
Bruce Tinsley1Vote
Kurt Long and Jennifer Robertson (of The 1/2 Hour News HourWikipedia, a failed Fox News Daily Show-ripoff)1Vote
Greg Gutfeld2Vote
Ryan Long (who made that infamous "wokes and racists agree on everything" YouTube video)3Vote
Adam Carolla0Vote
Donald Trump1Vote