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Based on the outcome of the Debate:Should RationalWiki switch to CC-BY-SA 3.0? RationalWiki will be transitioning to a new license in a few weeks. This project page has been created to help facilitate that transition. All RationalWiki contributors are invited to participate in first identifying the changes that should be made and then implementing those changes.

Important dates[edit]

  • The debate on the transition to the new license will be closed on July 7th 2009
  • If the decision is made to transition the goal is to have RationalWiki completely CC-BY-SA 3.0 compliant by July 14th 2009
  • There is a hard deadline of August 1st 2009 that any transition must be made according to GFDL

What needs to be done[edit]

Project pages that should be changed[edit]

Please review these pages and make suggestions of wording that should be used for each page on the talk page. When we officially transition the final version on the talk page will be moved to the actual page.

Identify users who have released content under GFDL[edit]

Check for any users that have released edits, or more commonly file uploads under the GFDL copyright, and see if they are willing to transfer that content to CC-BY-SA.

Templates that should be checked:


Most of the transition was complete by July 16th. Most GFDL single licensed images were dual licensed or migrated to CC-BY-SA by their authors or with author permission. The last GFDL elements on the site were dual licensed by fiat on July 28th. Users whose content was dual licensed and who object to the change can come forward and undo the license and/or remove the material from the wiki. The transition however is complete.