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August 2009[edit]


The disturbing rumors about Glenn Beck continue to fester. Beck's refusal to deny the allegations speaks volumes.


Want to stop the Catholic Church getting Penn & Teller's Bullshit show cancelled? Start here.


The Gestapo care shtick backfires as a right-winger shouts "Heil Hitler!" at a health care talk, not knowing that the fellow she is addressing is a Jew.


You can't hide from the past Beck


Stephen Hawking to Investor's Business Daily - I like my Death Panel thank you very much


CONSPIRACY: Are Obama supporters showing up at Obama's town halls? Are their children writing down questions in hopes of asking Obama? I bet we'll find out on Fox. Developing...


PZ Myers's visit to the Creation “Museum”. Update Myers continues to poke Ken Ham with a sharp stick in an amusing fashion.


The creator of Obama's Kenyan birth certificate shows the making of the hoax. Bonus birther lulz: By creating the hoax you just showed that Obama's Hawaiian birth certificate is a forgery.


A call to reason.


The Republicans under Obama, become what they criticized the Democrats for under Bush.


Who's running the astroturfing campaigns? A lobbying group under investigation for voter fraud. Will conservatives denounce this group the way they denounce ACORN?


Like licensing a witches' brew as a medicine so long as the bat wings are sterile; why regulating alternative medicine is bad. And this is in The Sun!


NYT blogger Randy Cohen: America isn't litigious enough; Henry Louis Gates should sue James Crowley's socks off, which is apparently ethical because he will in spirit be suing all police officers.


Why Jimmy Carter left the Southern Baptist Convention


Rush Limbaugh proves himself wrong.