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March 2014[edit]

11"I will let you return to the show as part of the Michelle Malkin Memorial Unpaid Internment Program."
19"Turning into?" The House Science Committee is and has been a national embarrassment.
17I'm havin' pains in my chest because I'm laughing at so stressed from Fox News. (Goddamn procrastinators.)
8We've reached the point where Bill Kristol — yes, Bill Kristol — is speaking more sense than the entire GOP hierarchy.
25Creationists kill 8 year old's suggestion for a state fossil for South Carolina.
13Pro-life Christians.
10And here's how the climate change deniers will lose.
-22Some good reasons why Americans believe in Noah and his flood.
12LALALALA I can't hear you! Saint Reagan, deliver us thine tax cut so our balanced budget may be filled.
22Why some people are disappointed with Nate Silver's new FiveThirtyEight: "The problem with the new FiveThirtyEight is not one of data vs. theory. It is one of 'data' the buzzword vs. data the actual thing."
21When anti-intellectualism kills.
27The surprisingly sharp point of the Tyson Cosmos series. (The third episode seemed more aimed at astrology.)
19While God spends his time meddling with sport events, Satan is apparently busy ruining Kickstarter projects.
18Wal-Mart finally owns up to being a welfare queen
43The "Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology" petitioned Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, to "create and enforce new policies that allow for true scientific discourse about holistic approaches to healing." Jimmy Wales responds.
15"Goodbye, Fred Phelps. Nobody will miss you. We'll be too busy to care or remember, enjoying the better world you drove us to build."
19"Don't mess with Texas": One of the most hilarious lies of modern times.
15You know what, Putin? We'll let you move further into Europe! Just a little bit... Update: Seriously, Russia, it'll all be fine. $70 billion in capital flight in three months is very easy to reverse.
10Nate Silver, who you will recall, is a witch, predicts the GOP may be able to take the Senate. (Then again, this mess.)
-9The climate change deniers have won.
-27Crimea wins the hottest new attorney general award. Russian fascism has a new face....with heels...and the world's reaction is somewhat ....neanderthal! (But that Ruritanian uniform just needs a few steampunk touches.)
14"We have entered a strange, tumultuous new world in which Tom Friedman is insightful and wise."
13Steven Wilson, The logic of Russian internet censorship. (Washington Post).
31"What personality trait do you look for in a mate?" asks Jenny McCarthy. "Someone who's willing to vaccinate the kids," answers Twitter.
17How the truth is made at RT.
31How science deniers use false equivalency to pretend there’s a debate
21Canadian doctor: Richard Burr, do not fuck with me.
-14Six Things Real Pimps Want You to Know (Gawker).
23Color us shocked, shocked! A solid majority of IR experts (even those who advocate realpolitik) say that Republicans are full of shit on military policy.
14This is how you do a shameless plug and get away with it. [Autoplay video]
5Another writer makes the case that America has strongman-envy. (The cycles of history.)
10Review of a recent book on the introduction of the idea of evolution into the Islamic world. How do you discuss Darwin in a language that does not have a word for "species?"
11Did you invent Bitcoin? Take Slate's simple quiz!
27Facts may not be the best method to convince conservatives.
28If the moon were only 1 pixel... a tediously accurate scale model of the solar system will bore you for minutes!
11Popbitch looks at the revenue numbers the Daily Mail Online claims: and they don't add up. At all.
6Perhaps the best analysis of Bitcoin out there.
16If only acceptance for interracial marriage occurred this fast.
16Abandon ship!
2Trigger warning: If you like trigger warnings, this blog post about trigger warnings may trigger you. Consider yourself warned.
5Tyler Cowen: Paul Ryan takes a dump on fiscal conservatism again.
17In many states in the U.S., if you seek an abortion your doctor is required by law to lie to you about the risks of the procedure. Here's a handy summary of which lies are required in which states.
14Crouching Tiger, Hidden Moron. (And look at all the fascists in Kiev!) Update: Seriously, in layman's terms, Putin is fucking himself.
-22Imminent Streisand effect as "Attractive convict" tries to sue teh internetz for using her mug shot as a meme.
21"The Fuelshark Won't Save You Gas Because It Runs On Bullshit"
12Emily Willingham: Hyping your conspiracy theory in 5 easy steps
13Fox News Crazy Alert: propping up Lost Cause of the South. (And, in full irony, Civil War-era Democrats.)