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The wikify project is to tidy up the wiki, do general housekeeping and generally make sure that articles at least look right. Unlike the other projects which will have works in progress, this project will highlight certain articles or attributes and attempt to fix them in a vaguely systematic way.


  • Categories
All articles should have at least one category.
  • References
References should not be bare URLs wherever possible.
Key data and claims should be referenced, and not just to the wikipedia version. Although we won't fact tag everything, anything written in a "THIS IS FACT" manner must be referenced.
  • Formatting
Quotebox, cquote, blockquote or other?
Image alignments.
All pages should have a "see also" and "footnotes" section.
Bold and itallic text.
  • Links
  • Orphans
Deorphanise articles and sets of articles. Creating new ones if necessary.


Articles/to do[edit]