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RationalWikiWiki was a wiki created to meta-meta-meta-analyse[1] RationalWiki. It was founded on 27 December 2007, and had laughable steadily improving production values.

It had a whopping bunch of content (over 300 articles on us!), including in-depth documentation of the notorious TK, Headless Chicken Mode, and the Great TK Banning Incident, as well as the ever-popular articles about the individual editors of RationalWiki, all of them full of crap relentlessly and completely factual! Unfortunately, there were many editors for whom it had no article, or just a mostly blank infobox with no content.


RationalWikiWiki's logo, shamelessly ripped from the old Liberapedia.

Mesozoic era (248.000.000 BC to 65.500.000. BC Beginnings to 2008)[edit]

The original RationalWikiWiki was founded by "Admin" at the wiki-farm editthis.info. It was an epic fail, as it lacked certain commonly-used extensions and the URL misspelled the site's own name as "rationalwikiwki" due to character limits. At "Hans Johnson"'s (widely known to be our Radioactive afikomen) initiative, RWW later moved to another wiki-farm, ScribbleWiki on 17 March 2008, completing his blatant power grab improvement plan. Although the website's name was spelt correctly, the ScribbleWiki server crashed soon after RWW moved again. Consequently, all records of that version of RWW were destroyed.

RWW as we know it (2008 to 2012)[edit]

Power squabbles and stagnation (2008 to 2010)[edit]

RationalWikiWiki moved again in late July 2008, and shared the same server as RationalWiki.

On 2 March 2009, Hans Johnson left and never came back [2] retired after a massive reshuffle in the user rights which left a number of former janitors mere holyrollers (whatever that means) and put Phantom Hoover and Nx as the bureaucrats in charge, as they were the only ones with recent edits.

A while after that, Nx left, and Phantom Hoover became inactive. Nx made Arthropleura (not the giant millipedeWikipedia's W.svg) the leading 'crat, who then promptly started handing out user management rights like candy to everybody who was editing. Presumably horrified at the idea of a wiki being led by Arthropleura, Phantom Hoover became active again as a result. Together they ran the site in a manner reminiscent of a Republican RomanWikipedia's W.svg collegiality. Hans Johnson later revoked Arthropleura's cratship, leaving Phantom Hoover the only active bureaucrat and benevolent dictator of RationalWikiWiki.

Following his stripping of Arthropleura of cratship, Hans attempted to reinvigorate the site by appointing Theemperor, but to no avail; the site stagnated and was used exclusively by MNpunkboy (Gooniepunk2010), mainly because he was battling a troll. Eventually the troll's range was blocked and Han's Johnson promoted MNpunkboy to 'crat.[3] Through all this few, if any, articles have been written or expanded.

Following MC's banishment from the Wiki, and MNpunkboy's bitch slapping back to sanity by an unidentified bunch of numbers,[4] the Wiki entered another era of stagnancy. However, MNpunkboy would call for a new, post-troll warring era[5] and promote Conficker (a useful user that appeared out of the blue one day) to bureaucrat and change his username to "Punky McPunkersen"[6] to cement this. Slowly, the site began to rebuild itself, and seemed, once again, to return to being the Wiki that watched RationalWiki.

Rise and fall (2010-2012)[edit]

In 2011, RWW began growing quite rapidly, with many new articles created and the removal of many artefacts left over from the previous era. There were also rumours of the possible purchase of RWW from the RationalWiki Foundation. In March 2011, Punky McPunkersen declared that the wiki would expand by 50 articles that month. To the surprise of all, they made it.

Starting in mid-2012, RationalWikiWiki was typically down or having server issues, occasioning observers to conclude that the name of the site had been changed to "500 Internal Server Error." This greatly impeded editing at the site; there were only about 20 edits per day[7], and only 7 active users, most of whom were bureaucrats. RationalWikiWiki was finally officially shut down 14 November 2012, but remained intermittently accessible until July 2013, when it was replaced with a domain host placeholder page.

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