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I am looking for help in creating 2 pages for "If it is on the Internet it must be true" (ref: http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/If_it_is_on_the_Internet_it_must_be_true) And a follow up "If it is not in the internet it can't be true" (not found this anywhere). I have read the help section that tells me I need to put it in the sandbox and followed the link there, but cannot see any way to start a new article.

The reason I feel these pages are necessary is for holocaust deniers (flat earthers, climate change deniers and other assorted idiots included) Who seem to think that if something is in a museum it is fake because it cannot be found on the internet.

Quote "Where are all these excellent records that the Germans supposedly kept that morons like mugsie keep blabbering about? There must be tons of documents that she typed so where are they???" (I will point out that in this case the info can be easily found by Google images search for "Holocaust documents".

Can someone please help me start these articles? and if you have any contributions, feel free to add them.

Thanks, Rich