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Goat fingers are a great food for any occasion, especially as an appetizer for a party of rationalists. Here's how you make them.


  • 10 pounds of firm tofu or goat
  • 0.5 L goat milk
  • Shredded goat cheese
  • Goat butter
  • Frying oil
  • Breading mix[note 1]
  • Salt, to taste
  • 1 Tbsp basil


  1. Chop the tofu into the shape of tiny goats,[note 2] making sure not to rip any apart.
  2. In each goat, make a large depression in the center, filling it with the goat cheese and a small amount of goat milk. Put another goat with a similar depression over the first one to seal it, adding some goat butter to act as a sealant if necessary.
  3. Once all the goats contain cheese, rub the remaining goat butter over all of the sides of each one. Put the basil and salt on each, along with any other desired spices. Sprinkle breading mix liberally over the tops, bottoms, and sides.
  4. Fry the goats as you would frybread, frequently checking on them.[note 3]
  5. Serve hot with goat milk in tasteful goat bowls.[1]


  • For a lovely stew, add various desired vegetables into a pot with the goats and spices and boil rather than frying. Do only the first step of this recipe for stew.
  • Add miniature calzones in the goat depressions to have a fun twist on Italian food!
  • Put goat curry[2] or any other goat-based meal inside the goats to be so meta even your metaness is meta.
  • Instead of the tofu, milk, cheese, butter, and breading, you can purchase a frozen pizza and cook it for a very tasty dinner.


  1. Something like this should work.
  2. You can use a cookie cutter like this to do so.
  3. I am not liable for any fires or injuries caused by this recipe; cook it at your own risk.