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Below are healthy recipies that bring a Pastafarian worshiper closer to The Flying Spaghetti Monster!

Furthermore these are easy to prepare, have sufficient vitamins and are tasty. Ingredients can be adapted according to what a worshiper personally likes or dislikes.

For maximum reverence to His Noodliness, combine with alcohol, in a form according to the worshipper's preference.

Healthy pasta and sauce[edit]

  1. Buy meat balls or if you are a vegetarian Quorn balls. Meat balls may be high in saturated fat and unhealthy.
  2. Boil them up with spaghetti, (brown spaghetti is healthier) cheese, lentils and pasta sauce. I've tested this and the sauce gives the pasta a pleasant flavour that I like. Maybe it’s more like Italian minestrone than pasta and sauce but I like it.
  3. Add frozen fruit or vegetables like broccoli, pineapple, aubergine, chargrilled Mediterranean vegetables, sweet corn etc.
  4. Alternatively you can try boiling the veg and balls with the pasta sauce while boiling the spaghetti separately, I haven’t tested this.
  5. Fresh vegetables are also OK but need more preparation, tinned vegetables risk vitamin deficiencies if eaten too often.
  6. Enjoy with due reverence to His Noodliness.

Healthy pasta and salad[edit]

  1. Prepare pasta and sauce as in healthy pasta and sauce but without added vegetables.
  2. Alternatively take left over pasta sauce after eating healthy pasta and sauce.
  3. Cut up raw apples, pimentos, oranges, cucumber, grapes and/or other raw fruit and vegetables according to the taste of the worshiper.
  4. Mix raw fruit and veg with the pasta and sauce warm or cold.
  5. Enjoy with due reverence to His Noodliness.

Keep it simple[edit]

  1. Purchase the freshest farfalle you can find.
  2. Cook in boiling water until 'al dente' - two to three minutes.
  3. Drain
  4. Sprinkle with the best olive oil you can find.
  5. Stir
  6. Salt and pepper to taste
  7. Pure heaven

Slightly less simple[edit]

  1. Purchase a 28oz can of whole peeled tomatoes.
  2. Peel an onion (yellow is best) and chop it in half.
  3. Dump the can's contents, including juices, in a saucepan with onion halves and 5oz butter.
  4. Simmer the saucepan's contents for 45 minutes to an hour. Stir occasionally, gently crushing the whole tomatoes with the spoon.
  5. Discard the onion.
  6. Pour the saucepan's contents onto the worshipper's favorite pasta.
  7. Unfettered bliss