Recipe:Watercress and Avocado Salad

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A great salad with a unique taste and amazing texture, this can be a change from your run-of-the-mill lettuce-based or pasta-based salads.


•Watercress, two big handfuls.
Chop it roughly - just run a knife through it once.
•One large red onion.
Slice it as thinly as you can, into "straws" if possible.
•Three medium Belgian endives.
Cut into fourths, then slice lengthwise.
•Two large avocados, semi-ripe.
Cut them in half, removing the pit, then slice them lengthwise thinly. Peel each slice carefully.
•Balsamic vinaigrette.
Olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Duh.
•Black pepper and coarse salt.


  1. Toss it all together in a bowl, gently, then add the vinaigrette and toss gently some more.
  2. Salt and pepper to taste. It's okay to let it sit in the fridge with the dressing on it, since it will just get better that way.