Remus Cernea

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Remus Cernea.

Remus Cernea (Romanian pronunciation: /'remus 't͡ʃernæ/) is a Romanian politician, activist, agnostic, and advocate for the separation of church and state. For instance, in 2004, the government of Romania planned the demolition of a park in order to make way for a Romanian Orthodox church, and Cernea launched a successful campaign to oppose the demolition.[1] He ran for president of Romania in 2009 as a candidate of the Green Party.[2] Some Green Party members later claimed he would "lead the Green Party under Satanist principles" and "turn the party into a homosexual one",[3][4] so he left it some time afterwards and started his own party, the Green Movement. He ran for deputy of a district (though not as a Green Movement candidate) and won with 57,23% of the votes.[5] In the Romanian Parliament, Cernea chose to swear on the Constitution rather than (as is usual) the Bible.[6]

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