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Ronald DeWolf (1934–1991), born Lafayette Ron Hubbard, Jr., was the eldest son of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. Initially a Scientologist, DeWolf later changed his name and actively campaigned against his father. He lent a certain amount of credibility to the anti-Scientology movement when he told various horror stories about his father, though his stories at times did sound a bit far-fetched (e.g. he claimed that when he was a child he witnessed his father performing an abortion on his mother with a coat hanger, and that his own birth was the result of a botched abortion).[1] DeWolf sought to have his father declared dead and/or insane, and to therefore gain access to his money.[2]

He later retracted much of what he said, but many of his associates have claimed that he did so only because he was desperate for money, and the church paid him off.[3]

With Bent Corydon, he co-wrote an exposé on his father, L. Ron Hubbard: Messiah or Madman? in 1987. It is available on-line for free from a number of sources.[note 1]


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