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Sunday Assembly

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The Sunday Assembly is a secular congregation that meets on the first Sunday of every month to hear philosophical talks, sing songs and generally celebrate the wonder of life. It's a service for anyone who wants to live better, help often and wonder more. It was started by Sanderson Jones and Pippa Evans. Assembly convenor Kathryn Murray states: "Especially within atheism, I think there's a bit of a stigma that's gotten attached to it that you have to be angry and outraged and anti-religion to be an atheist and it's just not true. There are heaps of people who don't believe and just want to be good people and part of a community".[1]

Sunday Assembly Everywhere[edit]

Starting in May 2013, people will be able to start their own assemblies, under the banner Sunday Assembly Everywhere.[2] The rules for doing so are in the Public Charter and Accreditation Model[3]. The Assembly launched in the United States and Australia in September 2013[4].


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