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Talk:Alliance Defending Freedom

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This article requires attention for the following reason(s):
  • Needs update. The ADF's influence has grown substantially through association with the Trump regime.
  • Needs expansion. Too much emphasis on bullet lists make the article look like a PowerPoint presentation. Links to odious founders such as James Dobson and Don Wildmon (American Family Association) should be added.

Financial disclosure[edit]

So the ADF have links to a multi-year financial audit and a couple of IRS forms on their site. I'm keeping a backup for another project on an Amazon S3 bucket, but this seems the kind of place that might want to have a closer look. Especially at the LLC which one of the charitable orgs is the sole member of (they're actually 2 charities too). The link is at the bottom of their main page. Have fun. --BenM (talk) 14:43, 25 January 2016 (UTC)