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Re-writing of Aspie supremacy[edit]

I have chosen to re-write this article in order to make it more organized than it was previously, along with adding a lot more information that was not included, like some of the early histories of the ideology. I have kept all of the previous content as it is correct and cited properly, but moved it around and re-organized it.

I will be continuing to work on this article, along with adding other information on this ideology over-time, thanks to the original creator of this article for the work that was done, this group of individuals really need to have a light shined on them. — Unsigned, by: MichaelB2019 / talk / contribs

As someone with Asperger's (with the oddity of finding that it has me only when sixty years old), I can say a few things.

It is definitely not fun. Much that others enjoy, I can't. Such makes relating to others difficult. I can understand what others find enjoyable, but such things often do not interest me as delights. I might derive delight in things that others don't enjoy so easily, but those can be fiendishly expensive. That can make me a loner even without overall hostility to Humanity. I try to act charitably or helpfully, but when I do people fail to understand. I can seem cold and heartless even if I understand well what hurts others and consider sadism and exploitation abominable.

I often have had to live a lie just to be normal enough to hold a job, and I have never held a job commensurate with my talents and formal education. I have often ascribed my abnormality to "eccentricity" that I must prove harmless. Life becomes acting, but I am never off the stage. I dread a slip-up that can expose something abominable. It is easy for me to see the rest of the world as often fraudulent at the level of economic and administrative power, with elites demanding that people smile as they suffer if they are to survive with some modicum of freedom.

I often feel as messed-up as an alcoholic or addict without having used the stuff. It's not from craziness of any kind. I am as rational as anyone -- maybe excessively rational. Rationality is good for solving problems and avoiding problems. I am moral enough to register disgust at people doing hurtful things to themselves and others. With Asperger's I am nothing more than my intellect and learning.

I apologize for my rant. I would not inflict what I have on an innocent person. I would wish Asperger's on an enemy, as it would be an improvement. Pbrower2a (talk) 14:36, 26 October 2021 (UTC)