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Aspie supremacy

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Aspie supremacy is an ideology followed by a fraction of adults diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome.[1] Unlike other autistic rights advocates, they emphasize evolutionary superiority[2] over individuals diagnosed with Autistic disorder (Pre-2013 DSM-5 changes), and over non-Autistics.

The changes to the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders released in 2013; which had merged Asperger's syndrome with Autistic disorder had resulted in the ideology losing a lot of popularity, as many people diagnosed with Asperger's face either identifying with classic Autism or having their differences erased altogether.[citation needed]

The loss of popularity has further continued with the increase of voices from those with Autistic Disorder, including nonverbal autistic people and those with more severe impairments, who are now able to challenge the long-held beliefs, misconceptions and powerful status of neurotypical people who have discounted their viewpoints.

It has also taken a major blow as a result of recent revelations about the history of both conditions, which have proven people like Hans Asperger, its namesake, to have had links with Nazism.


Finding popularity during the early 2000s, aspie supremacy gained a platform through online chatrooms and later migrated to their own websites like Aspergia.[3] Members of Aspergia called themselves "Aspergians" after their invented story of a long-lost land called "Aspergia".[4] Alongside promoting evolutionary superiority, the website claimed individuals with Asperger's, or Aspergians, are not affected by (an) impairment(s) [5] but rather could develop special powers as a result of the advantageous quirks and thinking style of people with autistic conditions in absence of the impairments associated with Classic Autism/Autistic Disorder, [6] possibly with the misconception that no other autistic people share these advantages, or harbouring the misconception that intelligence is completely linear on account of both prejudice and the limitations of knowledge- and intelligence-measuring tests such as IQ tests.

Some, but not all aspie supremacists believe, also held by some but not all autistic Neurodiversity advocates, that many of the perceived impairments associated with so-called "high functioning" autism, "atypical" autism and Asperger's syndrome are really just the result of prejudice towards a different way of thinking, or an absence of societal influence.

Despite the changes to the DSM-5 that merged Asperger's syndrome with Autistic disorder, aspie supremacists have always made an effort to distance themselves from autism,[7] often claiming that Autistic individuals are sub-human or a burden on society.[8]

Although commonly associated with other people with Asperger's syndrome, some neurotypical people also display indications that they agree with some aspects of Aspie supremacism, viewing people with Asperger's akin to savants or accomplished athletes while being critical of those with other forms of autism.

Evolutionary misunderstanding[edit]

The evolutionary superiority expressed by aspie supremacists is based on a serious and possibly purposeful misinterpretation of evolution. The idea that Aspies are the next step in human evolution is assuming that the condition is a new occurrence, rather there has been evidence the condition may have existed for hundreds if not thousands of years.[9] The existence of autistic people is not new.[10] The idea that a population is superior to another also assumes that evolution is on a linear line from inferior to superior, rather it's a natural process that helps a species adapt to its specific environment.[11] A writer from the University of California Museum of Paleontology explains "It is tempting to see evolution as a grand progressive ladder with Homo sapiens emerging at the top. But evolution produces a tree, not a ladder — and we are just one of many twigs on the tree."[12]

This misconception about evolution and about what autism spectrum disorders are is not only shared by a group of Aspies. It has been explored by some psychologists,[13][14] parents of autistic kids,[15] anti-vaxxers,[16][note 1] and even a Predator movie.[17]

Other advocates[edit]

While the majority of autistic rights advocates do not believe in the aspie supremacy ideology, there has been a fraction of advocates who have expressed ideas similar to Aspie supremacists.

Temple GrandinWikipedia, for example, (who has Autistic Disorder but is frequently misinterpreted as having Asperger's Syndrome on account of her ideology and achievements) has claimed that a "little bit of autism" is advantageous, but that people with more serious impairments should be cured.[18] Grandin has also shown implied disdain towards autistic people who are unable to work or who are struggling to find work, demanding that they "get off their butts", along with making critical comments of parents "babying" their children.[19]

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