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She's said a lot of silly things about this. Probably worth adding something. Annquin (talk) 12:54, 4 November 2016 (UTC)

On the other hand, she seems to be a total gay icon among a segment of gay men, especially in the arts and academe. Annquin (talk) 12:55, 4 November 2016 (UTC)
The first example that comes to mind and that I can locate right away is "Lesbians, in contrast [to gay men], refuse to leave the mother. ... Male homosexuality, pushing outward into risky, alien territory, is progressive and, overall, intellectually stimulating. Lesbianism, seeking a lost state of blissful union with the mother, is cozy, regressive, and, I'm sorry to say, too often intellectually enervating, tending toward the inert." ("Homosexuality at the Fin de Siècle" in Sex, Art, and American culture, 1992). However, also Camille Paglia: "We should be honest enough to consider whether or not homosexuality may not indeed, be a pausing at the prepubescent stage where children band together by gender....Current gay cant insists that homosexuality is not a choice; that no one would choose to be gay in a homophobic society. But there is an element of choice in all behavior, sexual or otherwise. It takes an effort to deal with the opposite sex; it is safer with your own kind. The issue is one of challenge versus comfort" (in Vamps and Tramps, according to this). So there. She's said a lot of silly things about many topics. I have no idea where to begin to make the article in any way representative. On the other hand, I'm not sure if she's relevant as a crackpot anyway–do her admirers really buy into her world view as a whole, and is she infuential outside the academies? --Gamaja (talk) 07:30, 31 August 2017 (UTC)