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The following is a record of wandalism on the page Conservapedia/vandalism
It in no way necessarily reflects the views of RationalWiki or any of its participants and is included only for archival purposes.


Changed first sentence to read:

Conservapedia is the latest manifestation of the ongoing attempt of the American fundamentalist Christian right to portray liberals, atheists, scientists, Doctors, Muslims, and homosexuals as being unholy kitten-eating traitors who can only achieve sexual gratification via infanticide.

Funny (just)[edit]

08:46, 5 July 2007 created a more "concise" entry

Conservapedia is basically A. Schlafly's (from "Schläfli", Swiss German for "nap") harem of underage homeschooled girls, who are kept busy all day blocking bored kids evil libruls seeking to destroy all the Good American Conservatives in the World (i.e. the US). Presumably they will go to heaven for doing this. American Conservative Heaven. Whatever.

16:10, 2 August 2007 added some intellectualism-

Conservapedia is the latest manifestation of the infiniteness of human stupidity (see Albert Einstein).