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Is ESP a minsomer?[edit]

It just occurred to me that extrasensory perception (id est, perception from something other than your senses) might be a misnomer - since if you use your brain to perceive something, you are in fact using your brain as a sensile organ the same way you use nociceptors to sense pain, or your tongue to sense taste.

In other words, extrasensory perception, if it existed, could more accurately be described as sensory perception... like every other perception I can think of (assuming "perception" means "some way (any way) of detecting the state of the world outside your brain", of course).

This might only apply to "clairvoyance" since it involves sensing the outside world - rather than a "gut feeling" that something specific is about to happen, but even then, is that still a perception?

What might you folks think?

Cprobertson1 (talk) 12:09, 1 August 2019 (UTC)Cprobertson1