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The Farker Hall of Fame, But Most Likely Infamy!

If anything could best start some discussion here in this article's talk section, might as well begin with this!

Here, we can list Farkers of some renown, even if they're only known as complete trolls! I'll start with the obvious:

Bevets - Yes, I know he's been mentioned elsewhere on site, but what better way to begin? After all, isn't this wiki dedicated to the ridicule of such individuals? And if we're starting with him, might as well include some of his creationist cronies! Addendum: he's been reportedly offline from Fark for quite sometime. Whether from being banned indefinitely or simply decided to retire, it's not quite clear.

I Drunk What - Unlike Steve B, this one has been sticking around, albeit sporadically. Less serious in his attempts, what with trying to be irreverent and all, but still determined in espousing his creationist p.o.v. Also guilty in pulling this trick during discussion. As of late, however, his appearances have also dropped considerably.

SkinnyHead - Rounding out this particular trio, old Skinny here is much more up front with his beliefs, without resorting to copypasta quote mining or silly shtick, even if his arguments seem pretty weak to begin with.

Tatsuma - Aside from having a handle that's possibly a misspelling of satsuma, the only other thing you can count on him is popping up in any thread discussing Israel, usually on the pro-side. And, that's about all I'll mention 'bout ol' Tats here. Any more I'll leave open to you guys.

Quantum Apostrophe - Luddite! Whenever high-tech threads are about, QA is bound to show up. Well, only when space travel or 3-D printers are discussed. QA seems to have a fetish for that. But however entertaining his diatribes may be, eventually his temper got the best of him, and due to excessive abuse, Drew and company had to boot him. Any further info about said incident can be Googled for, but his current situation is anyone's guess.

LeTrole - You heard his copypasted mantra, (atheism = religion, you know the drill!) now meet the surname-er, legend. Popping up in atheism threads but branching out in others, Troley lives up to his, uh, yeah. However, I'm fairly certain he actually isn't trolling, but believes his in his brand of drivel. Might even seem to be the only thing to get him through in this ever-changing world. Yet the only thing he can do to cope is dump his balderdash in a discussion thread and see who bites. Ah well, that the Internet for you!

walkingtall - A relatively new name that shows up in atheism/evolution threads, and has absolutely no qualms about being up front with his religious beliefs, with the caveat that he states that he "used to" believe in evolution that is until he found new faith. So far, he hasn't convinced anyone to discard their "old beliefs", or facts in general.

More coming soon! (If possible!) --Chair tater (talk) 21:47, 8 April 2014 (UTC)