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Is there a situation where fossil fuels are better than current options?[edit]

I mean, some people point out that LPG or "natural" gas might be better in some certain aplications (cooking, heating...) in developing countries than their current energy sources: Massive timber chop out contributes to deforestation, and garbage-burning pollutes the surrounding with toxic heavy particles, causing lots of deaths by intoxication. Nontheless, I know there are far better options (electricity), but I don´t know if people in the "global south" can afford them...— Unsigned, by: Nitrato de Chile / talk / contribs

It's actually cheaper to build renewables in the developing world than it is fossil fuels, the issue is that the fossil fuel infrastructure often already exists, so much of the cost has already been paid for fossil fuels, whereas renewables may need new infrastructure. CorSock (talk) 13:08, 14 May 2021 (UTC)