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Hearst story facts request[edit]

OK, to be honest, never heard of the DuPont/Mellon nonsense before. But then, my father's generation knew the DuPont children well during WWII, shaking them down for their lunch money (honest, for real). With such interaction, any link would become evident, as the elder DuPont of that time insisted his children attend public school, children hear things, related them to friends or when pressured by Sicilian immigrants wanting lunch money... The only story I heart was that Hearst had acquired lumber interests to support his paper, second to financial difficulties acquiring fiber that resulted in the sale of prized artwork. Hearst's well documented yellow journalism doesn't assist the cause. So, if anyone can find good citations to nearly Wikipedia level support a non-Hearst story would be quite well received. Full disclosure: I'm a great fan of hemp fiber. Don't give a damn about THC content, save that it should be minimal to microscopic, such as industrial hemp. But then, I'm jaundiced by living in an inner city, with loads of THC abuse and had the side of my car ripped off by a THC intoxicated driver, whose passenger was incredibly aggressive and accused me of being "high", whilst her eyes displayed her status. I let the police and insurance company sort it out. I really only care about one class of prolific fiber. Actually, about a bunch of them, this one is suffering over an overreaction of the US Congress, which is an unfortunately typical response to hysteria.Wzrd1 (talk) 05:23, 2 April 2013 (UTC)


"While the plant does appear to have many potential industrial uses, it also has a lot of environmental woo surrounding it" appears in the opening paragraph, yet there is no further explanation regarding environmental woo in both the article and the linked page.YXTQWFclimbTheStairs 09:28, 1 October 2019 (UTC)