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Hi. I'm a leftist, rightist, centrist guy. Indeed, I'm MOST centrist in nature, save when some asshole proclaims revisionist things not in evidence. I'm a deist in nature. No micro-mangaging godlet needed. I also am firmly constitutionalist in nature, as far as case law is concerned. I'm a veteran of many things that shall not be discussed, including our various wars that are current, save upon a few points. I'm also HIGHLY social in nature. MY highest honor is a recipe shared. I'm the guy who hand fed Dik Dik and chuckled over the wife's inability to feed them by hand as I did. I'm also the bastard that gave grave pause to those who would harm mothers, children or the defenseless. I HATE the latter, but LOVE the former. And especially LOVE truth.

MY mission to YOU is, make this world a better place. One person at a time. :)