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Many Facts over looked![edit]

Thousands of people have touched or better yet, have corroborated Jose's work such as Martyn Stubbs, Cary Martynuik, Darren Ashmore, Bill Bryson and William Rhoeling to name a few.

Jose has been a professional film producer and editor for over 30 years, starting with an animated kids television series about dinosaurs back in 1990 called, "Donnie Deinonychus".

He later edited a theatrical film in 1994 staring Wes Studi called, "Wolf Ridge".

Jose has released several documentaries about the UFO phenomenon starting with Interstellar, RODS - The mystery amongst us, RODS - The smoking gun evidence, UFO: The Greatest Story Ever Denied, Moon Rising, Luna, and Celestial.

The RODS phenomenon has not been legitimately discredited. The people at History Channel (Monster Quest - 2009) never bothered to film in Infrared (IR), as demonstrated in UFO: The Greatest Story Ever Denied (2006). They decided to film at night using a standard speed and high speed camera, over looking the direct claims and basis for the 2 camera experiment as seen in UFO: The Greatest Story Ever Denied - the fact that IR and UV light is invisible to the unaided eye. No special conversion is required to film in IR/UV. All you need is a video camera and an IR/UV pass through lens attached which typically cost $10 over the Internet to film UFOs.

25+ RODS flying in formation -

In your bias Moon Rising assessment you failed to point out the fact that Jose used Clementine Lunar Images taken from (US Dept. of Interior - USGS) to corroborate his colorized images. All one has to do is to properly investigate the official "full natural color" data of the Moon in realizing that the Moon has robust color that gets washed out by Earth's atmosphere - Rayleigh backscatter and Scintillation are to blame for that.

NASA confirms that the Moon has a very thin atmosphere -

NASA also confirms that the Moon has mini-magnetospheres around certain craters providing light protection from the solar winds - — Unsigned, by: / talk / contribs