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Talk:Lauren Stratford

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You guys might want to look at this.[edit]

A long time ago when I was researching conspiracies and other such topics online, I started to look up cases of "Satanic Ritual Abuse" on wikipedia.

What I found that was bizzare was that there was odd spam left on the page for Lauren Stratford by somebody who claimed to be her niece. This person left the messages back in 2006, and they are now removed. But they way they were typed up makes me think that she was really who she claimed to be.

The person said that she was "Tristie Johnson". I googled this name along with Lauren Stratford, but didn't get any results. Then, when I googled "Lauren Stratford's niece", I actually got a result. On the site, a man that knew her talked about attending her funeral and meeting ner niece "Tristie". So, it appears that it was really her.

Now, where it gets odd is the message she left, and what the name on that website wrote. I think that the page where the man talked about meeting her and the odd things that happened around her death was posted in 2002, but the message on wikipedia was 2006.

I have links to the old wikipedia revision where she left her comment, and I also have the site of the man that met her and knew Lauren Stratford. I would like people to read through these and tell me what the heck this is all about. It looks like something really strange to me.

And here is the page where Lauren Stradford's death is mentioned, and Tristie's name comes up.

Any idea what this is all about? — Unsigned, by: / talk 09:04, 28 October 2010‎ (UTC)