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Rewrite of religion section[edit]

I was thinking of writing an extended part of this article one specifically how religion has held back medicine (and the few ways it has improved it, otherwise it would be no better than the close-mindedness of Conservapedia.) I'v just finished (doing the exams now) a GCSE based around the history of medicine, but that's only high-school level (plus, I might fail). If someone thinks that they want to do a better job of it, please say so, as I want this to be a pretty good article. If not, I'll get on with finding some good sources. The history of medicine is such a good example of religion banning and burning progress, so this could be an interesting article. Plus, I could use the practice at writing extended sections of articles.
(If this comment was pointless, sorry. I'm a new user who isn't really familiar with the etiquette. Urgh, I'm feeling all embarrassed. It's probably my Englishness. I get embarrassed easily.)

Go ahead, I doubt we have many other users studying medicine, except for palMD, and he's not around much. The Emperor Kneel before Zod! 18:02, 23 May 2009 (UTC)