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Jesse Helms[edit]

I've seen in not 100% reliable sources the suggestion he was linked to Jesse Helms, possibly through the International Association for the Advancement of Ethnology and Eugenics, and may have honoured Helms with membership of an American branch of the Order of St Lazarus. There are claims that relatives of the Duke of Hamilton (Rudolf Hess's friend) may also have been involved in this. I need better sources; I'll try and find a newspaper archive to trawl. Annquin (talk) 15:27, 26 September 2016 (UTC)


I used to own his works. His writings on race are nonsense, but he wrote a good book called the The Origin of the Zimbabwean Civilisation (1972). His research has been recently supported by another article-

"However, according to de Barros (1552 - see McCall-Theal VI, pp. 267-268), in the early 1500s the people living in Great Zimbabwe had absolutely no idea as to who might have built it, saying instead that it must have been ‘the work of the devil’, adding that ‘it just did not seem possible that [the stone structures] should be the work of man’. At that time – according to a report received from Moorish merchants – the building was guarded by a ‘nobleman’ who was looking after some of the wives of the country’s ruler, Benomotapa.

Thus, an alternative possible scenario has been proposed (Gayre, 1972; Mullan 1969; Murdock, 1959; Hall and Neal, 1902) suggesting that the original civilization might have been created by (or under the direction of) people of Semitic stock, only to be conquered (perhaps as early as 1350) by Bantu tribes."

Gayre's only academic degree was an M.A. in Geography from Univ. Edinburgh but he had 3 honorary degrees: D.Pol.Sc. Palermo Univ.; D.Phil. Messina Univ.; D.Sc. Naples Univ.

Another interesting (although crazy) thing about Gayre was his belief in the Yeti led to the Mongoloid ???

International Committee for the Study of Hairy Humanoids

International Committee for the Study of Hairy Humanoids (1962 - 1965) was a think-tank dedicated to Humanoid cryptzoology. It published the journal Genus.


Professor Corrado Gini, founded the Comittee at Rome University in 1962. It was set up to study the purported existence of the Yeti, Neanderthal and other alleged living Humanoids.

Opening the committee, Gini said:

"The Snowman and other hairy bipeds present a subject worthy of a profound scientific study [...] This is a subject of the greatest importance for understanding the origin of man and the initial stages of human society."

According to Dmitri Bayanov of the International Center of Hominology the Committee included 30 persons from different countries, among them: "Dr. George Agogino, Dr. Raymond A. Dart, Dr. John Napier, Dr. W.C. Osman Hill, Dr. P.R. Rinchen, Prof. Phillip V. Tobias, as well as yeti investigator Ralph Izzard, yeti and Bigfoot investigators Tom Slick and Peter Byrne, sasquatch investigators John Green, Bob Titmus, Rene Dahinden". Additionally Robert Gayre, Ivan T. Sanderson, and Boris Porshnev were also members. However after Gini died in 1965, the Comittee ceased entirely to function. The Mankind Quarterly however was linked to the Committee, and continued to publish works on Humanoid cryptozoology up to 1975. Notably Gayre, took the view that the Yeti was linked distantly to Mongoloids.

Gorgonite (talk) 14:45, 29 September 2016 (UTC)