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Many thanks for this article, Robert McLuhan blog is very dishonest he claims everything from creationism to reincarnation has been proven by science. He obviously does not understand the scientific method. Alexander1304 (talk) 15:22, 9 July 2013 (UTC)

Climate Change Denier? ==

I fail to see how one can claim this man is aclimate change denier. Perhaps the writer(s) found something from other blog posts? Below is a quote from the very links that are provided. Seems the assertions are either misleading or erroneous. 

"But given the enormous intrusion of human activity on the planet's ecosystems I fail to see the justification for ignoring scientific warnings and carrying on as if there was nothing at all to be concerned about. Watching über-sceptic Lord Monkton on Rupert Murray's BBC film last week scratch around for rocks that would somehow wreck the case for man-made global warming seemed laughably trivial, and so exactly how creationists behave."