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Would the SR have any link to 'the Hum'? (talk) 21:24, 25 October 2016 (UTC)

"3 to 60 Hz[2]--on the threshold of human hearing"[edit]

This claim ("3 to 60 Hz[2]--on the threshold of human hearing") itself is pretty woo. First, as the note indicates, hearing is acoustic and Schumann resonances are electromagnetic. Since they're not comparable, why even make the "comparison"? Also, "on the threshold" seems like it's trying to make it even more woo. 60 Hz is well within the range of human acoustic hearing, by at least and octave; maybe two octaves. This is exactly the kind of statement found in woo sources. For shame. The disclaimer that acoustic and electromagnetic are not comparable should not be hidden in a fine-print popup reference. If the woo is to be included in the article, it should be called out as such in open text, not in fine print.