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The link under Second Peter is "Guide to 1 Peter". So which one is it? [[User:K61824|]][[User_talk:K61824|]] 15:46, 26 May 2009 (UTC)

Never mind. Found it in 2_Peter. Fixing link. [[User:K61824|]][[User_talk:K61824|]] 23:10, 26 May 2009 (UTC)



Posted 10:07, 15 July 2010 (UTC) (approx) by


Mr. Benjamin Crème, God’s Blessings and His Boundless Mercy.

Accept my heartfelt sympathy for your remorse due to your failure in discovering the New Christ, Lord Maitreya, though you were not amiss in your prediction. The object of your prediction, however, was not among the Pakistani Community in Bricklane, of East London, England, but it was among Pakistani community in Nawababad, Wah Cantt, Distt. Rawalpindi, Pakistan. You failed to make sure beforehand of the presence of the New Christ in Bricklane, Because in that case you would have been obliged to abandon your prediction., yet the providence desired the declaration of your prediction to be made. I was the object of your prediction. Every clause of your prediction was applicable to me in truth. Since long before your advertisement I had desired to be in London, but the lack of means had prevented my journey, indeed for good. In case you had spotted me in Bricklane, the whole affair would have been regarded by the world as a pre-planned scheme. Also my appearance as the Christ would have started a worldwide controversy-not to speak of the Non-Christians, even the Christians would not have agreed on the claim of the Christ. The resultant disturbance would have marred my mission, which you have very accurately pointed out to the jeering crowd in Kings Cross in London, to be the annulment of the possibility of the Third World War that is the Nuclear Ruin of the world.

Again, if your satellite had led you to the place where I then was in Pakistan, just as the star of the Wisemen of the East had led them to where the Child Christ lay in Bethlehem and you had declared me as Mehdi, your act would have proved to be as Judas Kiss for me, for I would have forthwith been killed, and the affair would have been published as a deep conspiracy of the anti-Islamic lobby of the West to cause factious disturbances among the countries of the Islamic World. The mysterious hand of providence deluded you in your search of the object of your prediction in order to save the situation. Your advertisement, however, proved beyond any doubt that none at present was in this world to claim the Title of Christ.

If you refer to your advertisement, you will find that there is not a condition which is not applicable to me, and for which I do not qualify myself. Space would not allow me to explain all, that. But there is one point therein which I will not apply to myself, namely the Title of the Christ. I will say NO to that. Instead of involving myself in Nomenclative controversy, which might ruin the prospect of my mission that is the annulment of the possibility of Nuclear Ruin of the World, I will insist on that light and guidance which is in my six volumes of extinguishing the atomic hell series, and eight miscellaneous volumes on the same topic, that leads to a world, free from Nuclear Danger. No alternative now is left for this mankind but either to perish under the atomic bombs and atomic radiations, or to follow the guidance in these volumes and be saved from the atomic doom. It is God’s special mercy on a world that has deserved the painful atomic ruin. On a mankind on whose Nuclear Destruction no heavens would cry.

It was in 1942, my 25th year, and the year in which the great Italian Physicist Enrico Fermi had succeeded in opening the gate of atomic fire on this world by his successful realization of Uranium Fission Chain Reaction in Chichago, that I was in Mussayyib, a place in IRAQ recommended in a vision by the Green Turbaned Saint Al-Khedhr to Abraham for the Abrahamic mission of warning this world against the atomic hell. I was shown in that vision unusually great signs of God. In the same period and in the same place I was shown the crucifix in a vision. I at that time had negligible knowledge and meager education. But thereafter like a prepossessed man I commenced studies, and learned languages, literatures, philosophies, sciences and scriptures. Indeed without a school or a teacher and obliged always to work for my subsistence, till in 1961 I discovered the theme of my mission, and in 1972, I set to writing, till in 1982 I completed my work in the form of a series of six volumes and eight miscellaneous volumes, all in English and all unpublished.

No-anti-nuclear-movement or revival of religion in the world could succeed without adopting the guidelines given in these volumes. This work may be regarded as Noah’s Ark for this deluge of atomic fire. No John Bunyan can find a heart to narrate the afflictions of my forty year long intellectual pilgrimage. Nor there is a Freud to find a method to subject the method of my intellectual attainment to a psycho-analysis. My life-long engrossment in a materially unprofitable pursuit did neither leave mind nor time to attend to my worldly side, and hence I find myself now without a home, wealth, property or anything. If these manuscripts are eaten away by white ants, it is not merely the leaves of paper that they eat away but it is the destiny of a race that they destroy. London now is my place and cannot go there to explain my case before the scientists and philosophers. I sent an Article to fifteen of the leading atomists of the world, including Edward Teller, the maker of the Hydrogen Bomb, in 1982, and none replied. I sent letters to fourteen of the Heads of States including His Holiness Pope John Paul-II in May, 1982, and none hitherto has sent a reply. Let these manuscripts at least be preserved in some Museum that perhaps some future generation in distress may avail their light to emerge from the atomic pit.

If you find it interesting, and this could vindicate your honour, the honour of a real benefactor of mankind, then communicate with me. And if you will so desire, I will send to you my declaration, as well as my opening speech in type and if you will wish, also taped in my own voice. Time is short and I am on last leg. Sorrow, suffering and affliction have been and still in my lot.

With best regards, Yours Sincerely,




So the war section seems to me to be a little out there in the realm of speculation (to put it mildly). Whatever the religious right is responsible for, the idea that they are fomenting war in Arabia to spark the second coming borders on a conspiracy theory, if it isn't one already. I think this should just be removed. I will do so with in 5 days unless anyone can cite something credible to back any of this up.— Unsigned, by: Alltooeasy / talk / contribs

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