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Ridiculous to say Clinton practically ended the US welfare state[edit]

The article makes this claim: "The administration of Bill Clinton in the United States, working together with a Newt Gingrich-led Congress, performed similar deregulations, yet practically ended the U.S.'s welfare state."

In fact the welfare reforms of Clinton/ Gingrich left dozens of welfare programs untouched, and at it most draconian only imposed a work or training requirement on able-bodied recipients and a five year benefits limit for them on cash assistance welfare, what we today call TARP.

Other means tested entitlement programs such as WICK, Section 8 Housing Assistance, Low income heating subsides, low income phone subsides, Medicaid, Food Stamps and so forth were either left alone or expanded.

Ending the welfare state would have to invlove a lot more than tightening down on one program, given the vast expenditures and many programs provided by our government for the poor, disabled and lazy.